What Scot Lit Fest is Reading: Week 6

Every Friday Scot Lit Fest shares what they’ve been reading in the past week.

Under my SkinUnder My Skin – Juno Dawson (Hot Key Books)

Sally is 17, has good friends but isn’t popular and isn’t a rebel. In an out-of-character spur of the moment she gets a woman tattooed on her back called Molly Sue. Sally slowly realises that she is unable to control Molly Sue… and before long she’s going to find out the hard way what it truly means to have somebody ‘under your skin’.

Sally and Molly Sue make a formidable duo and some highly relatable characters. Under the Skin is a top YA read, one of the best. If YA is your thing make sure to put this on your TBR pile. It’s been out for a while but its a breath of fresh, sassy air. A fantastic premise expertly executed.

the dolocherThe Dolocher – Caroline Barry (Black & White Publishing)

Victorian London had Jack the Ripper. Georgian Dublin had the Dolocher. Half man, half pig, the evil spirit who dodged the hangman’s noose for his brutal crimes in life is causing panic on the streets of Dublin.

But is it supernatural? Is it something more simple? Whatever the outcome, writer Solomon Fish sees opportunity and strikes with his broadsheet reporting, which only fuels the fear, but lines his pockets nicely, until…

Well, we’ll save the until for now. The Dolocher has a cast of great characters (shout out to Janey Mack in particular), it’s creepy, it’s gruesome, and you get drawn wholeheartedly into the darkened streets as things get slowly more out of control.

So, what have you all been reading this week?


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