Welcome to Amazon – the good, the bad and the ugly

Neu! Reekie!’s own Kevin Williamson and Gillian Robertson from Looking Glass Books will be joining in the Saltire Society offices for an event, and you can join us in person, or watch online. What will they be talking about? Amazon.

We all know about Amazon. On one hand, it’s quick, cheap and easy – that’s why it’s so successful. But there’s a lot more going on. Here’s a few links for you on the topic.

Herald: Williamson sees comical side of his one-man war on Amazon
“As a publisher I’d like to take a stand against that, in a really small way that’s almost comical, a tiny poetry publisher declaring war on the biggest distribution corporation in the world. I quite like that, because it’s comical but it’s also serious. I don’t think publishers and authors have the balls to actually have a go at Amazon properly, but Amazon’s getting more and more powerful, and if we don’t fight them now then it’ll be too late because all the independent and experimental publishers will be gone.” Read more…

Guardian: ‘I love Amazon and I hate Amazon, they’re a necessary evil
“Amazon trader Ben Morris sits absorbed by spreadsheets and intranet pages on a computer screen in his chilly home office. A small electric radiator battles against the draughts. The central heating is off because the storage tank outside his five-bedroom house is low on oil. He has not had time to order more.” Read more…

‘Biggest-selling’ self-published book of 2016 lands Amazon deal
“Self-published author Adam Croft has been snapped up for a publishing deal by Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer after releasing what he says is the biggest-selling book by a self-published author in 2016. Croft self-published his ninth book Her Last Tomorrow in December, and has sold around of 150,000 units so far in the UK, around 500,00 including international sales, and is on track to sell more than £1m worth of books this year, mainly through Kindle, according to the author.” Read more…

Publisher’s Weekly: 20 Years of Amazon.com Bookselling
“In 1995, the year Amazon opened the virtual doors to its online bookstore, the company posted revenue of $511,000—a total that jumped to $15.7 million in 1996 and skyrocketed to $147.7 million in 1997. By 1999 annual sales reached $1.64 billion, and the company began to aggressively implement founder Jeff Bezos’s strategy of adding more products to complement its book offerings. In 1998, Amazon added music and DVD/videos to the mix; in 1999 electronics, toys, home improvement items, software, and video games were added to Amazon’s selection.” Read more…

ExpandedRamblings: 110 Amazing Amazon Statistics (April 2016)
“Amazon sure has evolved over the past 20 years. Starting out as a predominantly an online bookstore, they have grown significantly into the digital retailer of choice for consumers in the U.S. and beyond. Today, Amazon continues to evolve, adding original programming and extensive mobile capabilities.” Read more…


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